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I know I am not the only one struggling in the industry and so I wrote this short ebook to share my experience. I hope that my book will give meaning and encourage you to walk in this together. It’s FREE anyway so feel free to click here to download. Pdf and epub version are available in the Dropbox link.

It isn’t written for profit so it’s not entirely perfect although I still hope you enjoy and learn something from it.

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Buying that perfect shoe

We ladies love shoes but it can be challenging to balance our budget with our love for shoes. It can be frustrating to end up buying a shoe that doesn’t last or is very painful to walk into.

I’ve been itching to share how I shop for comfortable shoes so you won’t need to make the mistakes I did. Note that I kind of have a high arch, knock knees so my opinions are all personal. It may not apply to you but I am sharing them anyway.

Here are the things I look for in footwear.


I have been used to wearing Birkenstock sandals probably around half of my lifetime. They are very comfortable. I somehow feel it cradles my feet in a way that relieves me of any pressure points. Its arch height is perfect for me.

Pardon the worn out look. It is used.

What failed though is when I bought Dr Kong’s sandals. Supposedly, it also provides arch support but I found it way too low for me and so I end up hurting myself when I use it. 😦 For some it works for them because our arch height varies.

Here is my Dr Kong sandals I don’t get to use anymore 😦
If you can, buy arch support insoles instead. I know one in ResToeRun where you can even put it in heels.


When I bought my latest Birkenstock, I found out that they have 2 varieties. They have the wider one and the narrow one. Well, my feet are kind of big so I chose the classic wide one. It really matters that we choose the wide one because if not, our feet will get constricted and distorted and no one wants to grow bunions.

Here is my home slipper. It also has a wide opening for my foot to freely move. It also has an arch support that fits me. Good deal.


I always thought that to have comfortable shoes, it must be soft and cushioned. I realized it doesn’t apply to me. How can the Dutch wear all their wooden clogs with ease? I believe it is from the angled front and mind you, it’s not just because of any angled front. It should be angled starting from the ball of your toes and sturdy enough to roll the entire shoe when you walk.

I’ve had experiences that a sandal is angled in the front yet the entire sandal isn’t sturdy enough that through time, I felt like I was assisting the shoe instead of it assisting my walking.

If you see the shoes below, they’re chunky– sturdy enough to roll my feet as I walk.


No doubt that rubber shoes are still the most comfortable shoes I can wear but what if we need to attend a party, a meeting or for our social gatherings? I realized that there are so many materials used for the bottom soles of our shoes. I specifically hate the plastic ones since they don’t provide much friction to prevent slipping and also it’s very noisy to walk on and also painful since it’s hard.

I love this sandals because of the rubber soles. I can actually run in them if I need to but only if I need to!

Although made of rubber I think, it has worn out. This kind of rubber is a bit softer I guess. It is also porous which makes it less sturdy but comfortable nonetheless. Pardon the worn out look.

Here is an example of a wrong bottom sole. I thought it is comfortable because clearly it looks soft. BUT I guess too softof a bottom sole can actually do more harm than good. It doesn’t provide stability and it feels like I need to balance myself everytime I wear this, making me more tired than usual.

Too soft. This Havaianas hurt my feet even if made of rubber.


This is hard to follow since a lot of shoes are made out of this. Synthetic leather chips off easily and even if you can still wear them, they become ugly fast.

See the chipping?
It is starting to chip 😦

Below is an example of a good choice. It isn’t made of synthetic leather so it still has no chipping.


I don’t know which material is sturdy but I guess it has to do with the thickness of the inner sole regardless of the material. With much friction, it will wear off easily so check the inner sole material too. Below are the ones that already have worn off.

I’ve used this only a few times and it has already peeled 😦
The material is kind of a thin foil that covered the entire shoe from inside to the sides. This is a party shoe.

7. ANTI-SHOCK if applicable

I like my Mizuno rubber shoes. Although this is already given a 3rd lifetime care of Rugby, I don’t use it anymore. I just keep it in case I decide to jog hehe. It is not in fashion I know but this is very comfortable because of its wave technology that decreases pressure from the knees when you walk or run. I have knock knees and this is a great relief.


There are some kinds of material that make feet smelly. The brand Native is one so I avoid that.

Below is my Regatta Canoe. Although it is comfortable, the material makes feet smelly.

If you zoom into the 2nd picture below, you can see the porous material which traps sweat and dirt.

I also don’t know why the straps crack. They look waterproof though.

How about you, what are your criteria in choosing footwear? All these and yet we need to take budget into consideration as well. Hope this helps you to buy wisely!

The Bouncing Tigress

It all starts with the gut!

Being healthy is more than just eating right, doing physical activity and reducing stress. Although I swear by that formula, there is more to health than just that. It’s about creating beneficial environments for our overall health to grow.

That being said, when you eat right, your body must be able to have the right environment for our body to absorb all the nutrients. If not, then we’re not getting the nutrition even if we eat all the right food.

Also when we work out, we must create a positive environment for us to actually gain its health benefits and not just to shed off calories. Reducing stress also is about creating that environment by reducing toxicity in our lives.

Remember that our overall health is not just about our what we eat and do. We are a complex being with mind, body and soul so it takes more than just food and physical activity to ensure overall health. Creating that environment is also key for good health to flourish.


viber image 2019-04-04 , 13.14.13 2viber image 2019-04-04 , 13.14.14viber image 2019-04-04 , 13.14.12

What is PhOligo?

Basically, PhOligo is a natural fructooligosaccharide from sugarcane.

Wait, what??

I know whatΒ  you’re thinking. It sounds like a jargon to you. I have the same impression. It sounds so medicinal and chemical that my mind just wants to shut off. However, when I read further, it is basically a prebiotic fiber to improve our gut and overall health as a nutrition fortifier.


PhOligo as a prebiotic differs in the sense that it is not live bacteria going into your system but rather, non-digestible FIBER that acts as the food for the good bacteria already inside of your colon. I think one stark benefit of prebiotic compared to probiotics is that it is not sensitive to heat, and it feeds the existing good bacteria in your gut.


viber image 2019-04-04 , 13.14.13viber image 2019-04-04 , 13.14.14 2

I tried PhOligo for 2 weeks. Taste wise, I really enjoy its cotton candy taste. πŸ™‚ I am currently on my last day as I write. Note that while I was taking PhOligo, I was also taking supplements. Note that immune system wise, I couldn’t measure it because during the period, I was having my period and for me personally, I have hormonal problems during menstruating which I still had while taking in PhOligo.

One key observation that I had was that on the first night of taking PhOligo, I immediately had a lot of passing of gas the morning after. It is a sign that it is working. Also, on the second night, gas was a bit smellier than normal although not totally suffocating haha!

Apart from those two, there is no noticeable tangible effect. I say this just based on physical observation. I believe though that for these kinds of health products, benefits can’t be measured in such a small amount of time. It needs to be taken regularly. I was really convinced though that it works because of the passing of gas the first night that I want to have my family try it so that they too can improve their digestion!

I am a believer of gut health that I have tried various products before such as wheatgrass, colon cleanses, psyllium fiber, edema, bioavailable supplements and whatnot. Although I won’t consider PhOligo as a miracle supplement, I would still say that this is a great addition to our everyday nutrition. Since prebiotics are also naturally found in food, I am 100% convinced that this is natural and healthy. We also just need to allow the product to work by giving it time. Nothing happens overnight. Same goes with our supplements. We won’t become superwoman just because we take these. We would still have our down moments and also, every person’s health varies.

What is important is that our choices align to the lifestyle we want to achieve. For our family, digestion has always been a recurring problem and I am thankful to have learned about prebiotics and PhOligo which presented to me another option to improve on my gut health.

Below are some questions I have asked myself which may be beneficial to you πŸ™‚



1. How much calories does it have? Will I get fat if I take it?

PhOligo is a low calorie food supplement. It only has 9.6 kcal per 5g sachet. Also, it is not digested by our system but fermented in the colon. Hence, it doesn’t increase our blood sugar.

2. Does it have a laxative effect?

In my experience, it doesn’t have any laxative effect but because it is still a form of digestive fiber, it helps regulate bowel movement but not to the point of being a laxative. So far, I don’t have problems with my bowel movement when I took PhOligo. It also has 4.5g of dietary fiber per 5g sachet.

3. I’m on keto or a diabetic. Can I take this?

According to its nutrition facts, per 5g sachet, it has <1.0 g sugars. Again, it does not affect our blood sugar since it is not digested so yes, you can take this. As per clinical study, patients with type 2 diabetes who took in 15g of fructooligosaccharides for 20 days, had no major effect on their blood glucose.


(Alles M.S., de Roos M., Bakx J.C., van den Lisdonk E., Zock P.L., Hautvast J.G. (1999), Consumption of fructooligosaccharides does not favorably affect blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes. Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 69, 64-69)

4. It’s too sweet for me. Will I get cavities if I take this?

No. It’s non-cariogenic. It means that PhOligo is not broken down by our saliva to create tooth decay. Regular sugar can create tooth decay because our saliva can break them down to form acids. PhOligo does not. However, to be safe, always still brush your teeth after taking PhOligo if taken at night.

5. Can this replace my sweeteners in drinks?

It is very soluble in water. In my opinion, it can but it’s not as sweet as the others so you may not achieve the taste you are going after. If you add them into your drinks and food, it will only increase the nutritional value of your food but may not necessarily improve taste.

6. Is it healthy to take in prebiotics?

Very. Generally, prebiotics improve bowel function and builds resistance to infections. Prebiotics create the environment for good bacteria to flourish and when our colonic environment is healthy, it can better absorb nutrients from the food we eat and of course improve our overall immune system to fight off against various diseases. As we heard before, “it all starts in the gut”.

7. What other benefits of PhOligo aside from having a good gut environment?

Well, because of the good gut environment, clinical studies show an increased absorption of calcium and magnesium when taken with prebiotics. The after effect also helps reduce cholesterol, increases satiety, and prevents colon cancer by fighting off bacteria that could possibly contribute to it. It also helps detoxify our system because it is also a form of dietary fiber. Acidity and GERD-like symptoms are also reduced.

9. Who can benefit from PhOligo?

Everyone as young as kids to seniors. Everyone needs to have a better defense against this world’s challenges. With the modernization, comes a new breed of bacteria so we need to put our guards up and protect ourselves from the inside. More specifically, since these help increase absorb calcium and magnesium, adolescents can take in PhOligo to maximize bone density to prevent from osteoporosis in latter years or even for post-menopausal women. For us working adults and all the way to seniors, our digestion weakens as we age and prebiotics can actually help strengthen our digestive health.

10. Is is it safe for breastfeeding moms?

Yes, very safe, premium infant formula milk contains the same kind of ingredients.

11. Can you take it with supplements?

Yes. It can even improve absorption of your supplements.

12. How much is it?

SRP per box is P280. Per sachet it is P40 pesos. It is currently available through PhOligo’s website ( but soon it will be sold nationwide thru Mercury Drug outlets.

13. When is the best time to take PhOligo?

There is no rule but it is best consumed before you sleep so the prebiotic can feed your good bacteria at night and see the effects on your bowel movement the morning after.

14. Will my fart smell?

You may have a smellier fart for a time although not for long. The longer you take PhOligo, the more odorless your fart shall be. In my case, it only changed smell on day 2. After that, I have normal farts haha.

15. Can I take PhOligo multiple times a day?

Yes. The recommended dosage is from 3grams to 20 grams per day.Β 



For inquiries:

GRAMWORTH ENTERPRISES INC.Antipolo City, Philippines, Inc.425-99880906 436 3874

Follow PhOligo here.





Banh Mi recipe

We love banh mi so we decided to make one today at home. Sadly, we do not have authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi bread at home so we just opt for store bought baguette. If you want authentic banh mi, our friend makes some. Check them out.

Anyway, I just want to show you the banh mi we made. All you need are the following:


  • Baguette
  • Liver Pate (click the link for the recipe)
  • Cilantro
  • Some leftover pork we pulled into strands
  • Carrot and Daikon pickles (click the link for the recipe)
  • Sriracha (optional)


  1. Preheat toaster for about 2 minutes. Toast the bread for 2 minutes, open faced, outer part facing up so that the crust becomes a bit crunchy.
  2. Assemble as such.
Liver pate and pulled pork first
Add the pickles
Garnish with cilantro. I realized that it’s better to remove the stem. It’s hard to chew. Add some sriracha if you want.


The Bouncing Tigress

Do Chua (Daikon and Carrot pickles)

My friend makes great banh mi sandwiches and I’d always love to have lots of vegetables in it. For now, I want to have these in my fridge so that I can add them in my banh mi if ever I have one or use as condiments for any Vietnamese food.

I researched online and varying ratios have been suggested but for this recipe I tried using a 2:1:1 (water, sugar, vinegar ratio). I found it a bit too sweet for my taste. I suggest you lessen the sugar next time. I also don’t know how long this will last in the fridge.

Do Chua (Daikon and carrot pickles)


  • 250 carrots, julienned
  • 250 grams daikon, julienned
  • 1 cup warm water
  • Half cup sugar (I suggest you lessen the sugar because I find this too sweet for my taste)
  • Half cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon salt


  1. Sprinkle salt on the julienned vegetables. Set aside for 15 minutes.
  2. Wash the veggies in water to wash excess salt.
  3. Place the drained vegetables into a glass container.
  4. In a separate bowl, dissolve the sugar into the warm water. Add in the vinegar. Mix.
  5. Place solution into the jar with the vegetables.
  6. Leave overnight. Enjoy the next day.

The Bouncing Tigress


We had this packet of Pad Thai mix my sister bought from Bangkok. Behind the packet, it showed how to make an omelette style Pad Thai so let’s do it! For this recipe, I’m using the following and also my tool right now: SILKWAY FRYPAN.



  • 250 grams shrimp
  • 1 piece tofu, diced
  • 2 eggs, scrambled
  • 100 grams of dried vermicelli
  • 100 grams bean sprouts
  • Spring onions (since I don’t have chives)
  • 1 pack of the pad thai mix
  • Roasted peanut (included in the mix)


Make the omelette first. Cool and set aside. Check out the video below on how I did the omelette using SILKWAY FRYPAN. I loved it because for a delicate item like this, it came out in piece and note that this is just the first try. No repeat takes done on this.

It was not that easy to scrape off the thin edges because I’m using a rubber spatula. I realized, it helps to cool the pan before cleaning and better to clean by wiping with a paper towel.

  1. Soak the dried vermicelli in warm water until soft. Set aside.
  2. In the same pan, heat oil and saute diced tofu until browned on all sides.
  3. Add in the prawns and beansprouts and saute a bit.
  4. Add the Pad Thai mix and softened vermicelli noodles.
  5. Mix everything.
  6. For serving, place a good amount of pad thai onto the omelette, fold into a square, flip and cut open with an X shape opening.
  7. Top the pad thai with some roasted peanuts, spring onions and lime (if you have).
  8. Serve hot.


The Bouncing Tigress


If there’s one thing I hate about ordering food is being marketed with some fancy, overly unrealistic photo of a meal then get a very disappointing quality in reality. I’m sure a lot of you foodies out there share the same sentiment.

When we tried Ukokkei Japan by Menzo (Menzo is the name of the chef), at first I was a bit skeptic because I felt like the items were “generic” and common only because of the many ramen shops in Manila. I always want to surprise my palate. Also, admittedly, I’m not a ramen fan. I’m more of an udon fan. However, even if I’m not a fan of ramen, I have to say that their broth is really good. It was not overpowering and not too fatty wherein other ramen shops add chopped fat to the broth. They cook their broth for 15 hours to release all the flavor!!


They’re special because they use pork belly with egg noodles. Personally, I don’t like egg noodles and I prefer a different kind of noodles. The pork belly was super tender and marinated wonderfully. Except for the noodles, this ramen range is perfect. πŸ™‚

Special Aka Chasu Ramen- spicy version yet it did not lose the flavor of the broth
Special Shiro Chasu Ramen- this is their basic broth. Even if “plain”, it is very flavorful. Yummm! A crowd favorite!
Special Kuro Chasu Ramen- I like the garlic flavor although I sense a bit of bitterness probably still because of the garlic. I wouldn’t say I don’t like it but I just prefer not to have anything bitter in my soup.


Midori Ramen- This is very interesting. At first I though adding basil to the broth would ruin the flavor but no, it was very complimenting to the broth and interesting. I like it!
Tsukumen- dry ramen with dipping sauce. I personally wasn’t amazed by this. The taste is nice. I just dislike the experience of dipping my noodles. I prefer having them in a soup. Also, the noodles feel like pasta to me so I can”t feel the Japanese vibe that much.
Extra Spicy Ramen- I have a high tolerance for spicy things but those who dislike spicy food, this one isn’t for you. The togarashi is a bit too strong for me that the taste of the togarashi kind of masks the taste of the broth.


The main difference is just the quantity of the toppings while using thin noodles and pork loin instead of belly. I honestly like the thin noodles more. Savory broth is still the same with the special sets. A for affordability and yumminess!

Honestly, what I really look for in Japanese food is really the RICE. Not cooking your rice well is a mortal sin for me in a Japanese restaurant. Good thing that Ukokkei’s rice dishes were really a winner because of the rice and the flavor of their meats.

Tenderness of the meats are a HUGE plus too. Is there anything fancy? None. Simple? Yes. Good? Definitely. Now is there anything wrong with being simple? I don’t bother anymore. I got my rice craving. Good Japanese rice. All their rice dishes satisfied me.

Curry rice
Yakiniku don
Chasu don- I’m amazed at something that looks so simple is very tender and flavorful. Forgive me for judging.
Gyudon- super yummy!!!
Chahan- addicting. Sarap ubusin.


Want appetizers and dessert? Here’s more for you. πŸ™‚ I’m not a fan of salads though but I’ll post them anyway.

Condiments- fried garlic, togarashi and chili oil and pepper
Their Tonkatsu is really crispy. I like how crispy it really was haha.
Green tea or should I say matcha coolers. Walang tamis at all. Not for the sweet tooth. I liked it nonetheless. πŸ™‚
I didn’t get to try this but they said it was nice in terms of sweet and salty balance.
California Maki
Gyoza- taste is very homey πŸ™‚
Chicken karaage- a bit bland for me maybe because the meat is quite big for the batter, or I maybe because I skipped dipping in the mayo haha
Meh- a bunch of salad

The Kani dressing is suprisingly yummy. It tastes like egg mayo for me.
Matcha parfait

For affordable and honest Japanese food, UKOKKEI JAPAN BY MENZO opens at SM North tomorrow, December 6, 2018 as soft opening. December 7, friday is the grand opening. 20% off discounts available for this friday dinner until saturday. They are at the 3RD floor, beside Mesa.

Their place can also hold 45 persons indoors and can extend outside their restaurant. Toilet is also available. (I just needed to include this for those who are more particular about it).

The Bouncing Tigress